Developer Pre-Sale Gallery Photography


A regular architectural client of mine recently was contracted by a client of theirs to develop and produce a pre-sale presentation center in Richmond BC for a new development slated for construction later in the year. I was then contacted by the architect to photograph the new presentation centre for an advertising and print promotion magazine spread to help get the word out to prospective buyers.


The development is called Viewstar and will be multiple city blocks in size, including numerous towers, a private elevated outdoor park, fitness facilities and a new public community centre.


The presentation centre is actually quite large including an entrance lobby, a main room that houses large model displays and various room type mockups showing fully staged and appointed “apartments vignettes” that can be found down the halls.

The “Look”


The challenge of shooting mockups is that of balance: do you “cheat” the look making it seem as if the spaces are the real thing and were shot after construction is complete, or are you trying to show that this is just a mockup space and convey that feeling to the viewer instead? Ultimately the answer lies with the clients end usage, which in this case was for a magazine spread advertising the display centre for what it is – a mockup.


I decided to go with even lighting throughout so as to just add a touch of fill light to the darker wood, and not to overpower the built in lighting fixtures and maintain the lighting as it is in the space itself.

A Complete Build


Something the marketing team wanted to convey was that this presentation centre is fully furnished and completed, more so than other can be. Many times display suites are half-done representations of what the finished product will look like, but for the Viewstar team, marketing a completed build was very important.


Seen above and below are two unit types with included finishings to spec, all staged and styled by a very well known Vancouver interior design firm who will also be styling the completed buildings once finished.


Viewstar is slated for completion sometime in 2019 and I can’t wait to see the finished project. The presentation centre was lots of fun to shoot and even included a video component which I’ll be showing here shortly. I’d like to thank Razor Marketing and the developer for bringing me on to the project and wish them well moving forward with it.