New Website Images for Architectural Client Eric Stine

Eric Stine is a local Vancouver architect doing mostly private design commissions in the residential space, private houses etc. He an I have been in contact over the past two years and never had a chance to connect until recently when we finally had a chance to work together on the project shown here.


The brief was to shoot a selection of five houses around the city for his newly redesigned website. This was a one day shoot taking from the morning till sunset, spending about an hour or so on each location finding compositions, setting up gear, saying hello to the homeowners etc. I do usually like to scout beforehand but for a smaller scale project such as this I didn’t think there was a need.


The architecture of these homes was what one might call “safe” but Eric is conscientious of both his clientele and the surrounding neighborhood in that designs that he gravitates towards are “respectful” so to speak. Therein lied my challenge of showing the houses design intent without making them look overly “usual”, because from a Vancouver design perspective, you can find examples of this type of architecture in may residential neighbourhoods. So I needed to be creative with compositions and choosing the correct sun angles that would showcase the homes in a unique way.


They are undoubtedly traditional but these houses are good, solid, slightly modernized versions of classic design that are visually appealing and show beautifully on camera.They evoke familiar emotions of comfort and homeyness, exactly the types of things a house is supposed to be. And his clients love him for it. The people I spoke to on site couldn’t say enough good about Eric and the homes he designed for them.

Family oriented architecture made to be lived in, for families and children and generations to come. (Hey, and the photos aint bad either eh?)