New Work

Here is a small gallery with some new work shot recently with Upward Construction, focussing a bit more on narrative type of imagery that I’d like to create more of the future.




The set focuses on builders and attempts to tell the story of construction and carry a narrative thread throughout, really zooming in on specific tasks and vignettes in and around a job site.


Brand Narrative


The look I was going for resembles a specific type of commercial editorial photography that I am drawn to. It’s well lit, bright and commercial looking, sometimes referred to as “brand narrative” because of the use cases a client would have for shots like these.


Brand narrative can mean different things to different clients and creative/marketing directors, but usually means images that convey a companies specific idea or brand identity through images of that companies product or services in use and/or in the field. They are more editorial in nature being more story driven and have a natural not overly contrived feel to them.


Natural, however, does not mean haphazardly thrown together. Photographs are intentionally crafted and lit using strobes, with myself and an assistant working with the construction company and crew to create specific setups while on set.


This is the first release for me publicly of a commercial editorial series and I look forward to creating and sharing more pieces like this in the near future.

A big thanks for Upward Construction for collaborating with me on this shoot!