New Work for W.T. Leung

BRAVO, W.T. Leung Architects, Richmond BC, 2016

BRAVO, W.T. Leung Architects, Richmond BC, 2016

A Great Relationship

When I was approached in October 2016 by one of the architects from W.T. Leung’s office to shoot a multi location photo project for them, I had no idea of the kind of relationship I would develop with the firm. They have since turned into one of my favourite clients, giving me a stream of  consistently innovative designs to photograph.



Pictured here is the BRAVO development in Richmond BC, just south of Vancouver proper. It’s a multi family mid-rise tower sitting atop a lower rectangular volume with a generous courtyard in the middle. Much of the firms work is in the residential sector, working with private developers to design very stylish townhouse, condominium and apartment complexes.


I really enjoy shooing this type of design, mostly because in the current Vancouver housing and construction boom going on at the moment, many developers are opting for safer less playful, less “architectural designs per se, but Wing’s architects are not afraid to create visually interesting designs, even for apartments and dense residential buildings.

The Details

Early Morning Sunrise at BRAVO, North Elevation Detail

Early Morning Sunrise at BRAVO, North Elevation Detail

Pictured above and below are two facades of the main tower, facing the intersection corner. I love the zig-zag pattern and had to shoot it using a one-point perspective. I was lucky because of the beautiful winter sky, and also I’ve added the car for a bit more of a dynamic feel and included the person on the sidewalk for scale.

BRAVO Inner Courtyard

BRAVO Inner Courtyard

The inner courtyard is beautiful and continues using the same geometric shapes found elsewhere in the project. It was winter and yes there is snow on the ground, but the photography deadline was in the winter and they needed the images shot as quickly as possible. I had to work with the conditions we had and unfortunately at the time, Vancouver just experienced one of the longest runs of snowfall in at least five years, so really the whole situation was stacked against us. The above image turned out very well given the conditions and actually, the lower winter light is perfect for carving out shapes and textures on buildings as it moves low across the sky.


Technical Aspects

I believe in crafting or creating images more than just “grabbing” or “taking a photo” and this project required quite a bit of preproduction and planning, as well as very methodical execution while on set. After doing a lot of location scouting and weather forecasting for the days leading up to shooting, I set out with a plan in mind, always being aware of where the sun would be in the sky, at what time, where I needed to be in relation to that sun and with what gear I was going to use. These were all shot on my D810 tethered to my laptop with a variety of tilt shift lenses for the given situation. Most of the people you see in the frame were left in for scale and the moving vehicles add a touch of dynamism to static buildings.


I had a blast on this photo shoot and W.T. Leung are doing some great work. I hope to shoot more of their projects in the near future, all of which will be posted here for you to see .