Alive Athletics Tokyo 2010


Here is some work from when I began my photography career while living in Japan 2010. One of my first commercial shoots was for a friends company, Alive Athletics Tokyo which is a surfing and lifestyle apparel brand based just south of Tokyo in Kamakura.  この写真撮影は鎌倉でしました。


The images we created were used for their 2010 fall/winter catalogue and was a mix of sports lifestyle, action and product photography. Seen here are some examples of the finished print piece the company produced.


We shot in a variety of locations around the Shonan area  (書何) and used two well known extreme athletes as the talent. One surfer and one flatland BMX rider. Featured above is the biker using Alive’s 2010 sling style bag. Below is our surfer wearing the new Diver Down waterproof watch Alive was producing that season.


As far as production went we had small crew including myself, two assistants along with Saito San, the company owner and the talent themselves. Images were created using natural light and reflectors for the most part, with small bits of strobe from speed lights to fill in shadows as needed.


For the product and macro images we kept it simple as well, using a very small product diffusion tent and hot lights for the shot above. Below the watch was photographed on the beach in a small pool of water that had been collecting inside a divot on a large rock. There was just a touch of fill from a speedlight camera left to mimic the sun hitting the face of the watch.


Knowing Alive was going to be using these in print and more specifically horizontally and with a gutter allowed me to be mindful of composition in relation to where marquee text would be placed. If I’m shooting for a publication it’s important to ask those questions to the creative team beforehand as it can help avoid having to reshoot images later on.

For me one of the most enjoyable parts of commercial style shoots is the production aspect and collaborating with other creatives to achieve the clients desired look.I thoroughly enjoyed working with Alive Athletics and there is some more commercial advertising and editorial work coming through the pipeline, and I’ll be posting those images as they come through.