An architectural and commercial photographer based in Vancouver BC and the Greater Tokyo Area. I grew up around painters and designers, set squares and easels, but finally arrived at the camera. Worked in film, journeyed  to Japan for five years (日本語はなせます。) only to find my way back to the West Coast. I now split my time between Vancouver and Tokyo, regularly working for clients on both sides of the Pacific.

My combined love of art and technology are what drive my brand of photography, and in combining those skills I’m able to create for clients stunning images that stand on their own both as individual works of art and as valuable creative pieces for projects.

Where art and commerce intersect – that’s where I like to work. Making sure that imagery is both visually beautiful and commercially viable. To me making photographs for an advertising campaign, brand or a company is no different than a fine artist painting a sunset. Both are visual creative endeavours.  Both need to be done with care and attention to detail. Most importantly both are Art. Advertising is Art.

Clients trust me to execute their creative projects with the same care as a classical fine artist and that’s what I love doing. Big budget or small, with my commercial photography I love delivering final results that make people say “WOW”. Get in touch to see how I can help you.